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Hotel Graffiti – If You’re Reading This, It’s Already Too Late

Posted July 31, 2013 by VoyageVixens in STAY + PLAY

Comedian David Bussell has been leaving secret messages in hotels since 2006. On hangers, under chairs, behind picture frames and even toilets, no place is sacred when it comes to Bussell’s hotel graffiti.

Here are just a few examples of the funnies he leaves behind in hotels around the world:

hotel graffiti

Oxford, England. UK. 2011

Budir. Iceland. 2011

Edinburgh, Scotland. UK. 2010

hotel Graffiti

Oxfordshire, England. UK. 2010

hotel graffiti

Eastland, Texas. USA. 2008

Chilliwack, British Columbia. Canada. 2009

For more of Bussell’s hidden graffiti in hotels, head to HotelGraffiti.

Want to see legal graffiti in a hotel? Check out the Half Graffiti room at Au Vieux Panier Hotel in Marseille, France.


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