A shout out to fate and a GQ cowboy

Lindsay Taub and Lanee Neil in Lake Louise

We met – where else? – while traveling. We were in the gorgeous province of Alberta, Canada touring through Calgary, Banff, and Lake Louise… We bonded over the natural beauty, our natural inclination toward adventure and adrenaline junkie fun, delicious food, and the best ice wine we’d ever tasted. But it wasn’t until a ride up to a pristine and magical little tea house in Lake Louise on horseback with a GQ cowboy as our guide that we knew we’d be lifelong travel buddies! Since then we’ve had adventures together around the globe and back again…

Video: Urban Adventure in Toronto

Voyage Vixens in Toronto

Lindsay’s first trip ever on an airplane was when she was six months old to meet her mom’s family in Toronto. Since then she’s visited the city about once a year. But her last trip there was also Lanee’s first. Together, we voyaged like vixens and saw a new side of Toronto — urban adventure! […]

An Amazing Race Challenge in the Saguenay Fjord, Quebec

Saguenay Fjord, Quebec - Lanee Neil and Lindsay Taub, VoyageVixens

A week of adventure in the northern Saguenay Fjord region of Quebec proved to be a mentally and physically challenging journey. We raced against other journalists from one end of the fjord to the other, ending up in Tadoussac, near the gorgeous Lac Saint Jean and St. Lawrence River. From kayaking, sailing, and hiking to […]