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Tequila on the Beach!

3 Classic Tequila Cocktail Recipes You Need to Know

To celebrate National Tequila Day in style, here's three classic tequila cocktail recipes you should know how to make.
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Sarah Ehrich with Maasai women.
Passport Safety Passport Protector

Passport Safety: The Passport Protector

Passport safety isn't just about where and how you keep it, but also how well you keep it!
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Reflections on Malaysia Airlines MH17 and MH370 tragedies

We flew Malaysia Airlines in December. Here, some thoughts and concerns following MH17 and MH370 tragedies.
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Sarah Ehrich with Maasai women.
motivational quotes travel

A Word About Motivational Quotes for Travelers

What happens when a "motivational quote" triggers a nerve? Lindsay Taub goes off on a rant about the difference between tourists and travelers.
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